Temple Bnai Israel

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Temple Bnai Israel is a welcoming Jewish community which offers a spiritual, religious, and social home for all Jews. We cherish a belief in one God, the Torah, prayer, and the music and beauty of our Jewish culture. We are commanded and committed to passing these blessings on to future generations. We observe and celebrate Jewish traditions and laws while remaining open to change which meets the needs of our time, and which will stand the test of time. We intend to be a force for good and comfort as individuals and as a whole. We seek to offer justice, tolerance, and charity within the Temple Bnai Israel community, the larger Jewish community, and the non-Jewish worlds within which we live. Our synagogue recognizes the equality of all Jews. Jewish men and women, including those Jews in interfaith marriages, are entitled to participate equally in all religious rites and all secular and religious leadership positions. Our congregation also reaches out to all who welcome Judaism into their lives. We believe in the ancient teaching: ¿to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God.¿

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