The Santa Monica Synagogue

About Us:

We are a Reform Jewish Congregation, founded in 1981, emphasizing worship, study, social action and Tzedakah. We Worship, seek God, and celebrate our Jewish heritage in an egalitarian atmosphere that invites participation and creativity. We try to bring the fruits of Jewish life within the reach of our children, so that they may learn to make the informed choices that are the hallmark of Reform Judaism. We are a diverse congregation: among our families are seniors, singles, single parents, interfaith couples, and couples with children. We embrace the diverse orientations of Reform Jews in contemporary society. We welcome those who speak out on issues affecting us as Jews and as members of our larger community. We listen to and respect the voices of our congregation. We reach out our hands to those in need; parents and children together help to feed the hungry in our community and learn in the process the values that Jewish tradition offers the community around us.

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