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After a successful run at dozens of film festivals, theaters, and community centers, we're delighted to announce that PBS is airing the one-hour version of OUT OF FAITH nationally! OUT OF FAITH is a compelling documentary directed by Sundance Award-winning and Emmy-nominated director Lisa Leeman and produced by L. Mark DeAngelis. Out of Faith intimately explores the complex and emotionally charged issues surrounding cultural survival and assimilation. Shot over three years, the film follows three generations of the Welbel family as conflicts over interfaith marriage pull the family apart. The family matriarch, Leah, survived nearly three years in Auschwitz. To Leah, her grandchildren marrying out of faith represents a betrayal of her many relatives killed in the Holocaust, but Leah's grandchildren insist on marrying for love, not religious loyalty. Just as her first great-grandchild is born, an unexpected event occurs that will either reconcile three generations, or render them torn for good. The result is a documentary that challenges Jews and non-Jews alike with an exploration of conflicting loyalties and the wrenching consequences of family estrangement.

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