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The goal of this group is to provide a social and networking space for adult children and other descendants of intermarried Jews. You may be an adult child of a Jewish father or Jewish mother - or you may have a Jewish grandparent. You may be an adoptee, stepchild, or other non-biological descendant of an intermarried Jew. You may come from a multi-racial or mixed-heritage family. You may identify as Jewish, Christian, secular, as a member of another faith or culture, “both,” “neither,” or “undecided.” You may be part of the GLBTQ community. As it turns out, you are not alone! Few studies have been done on adult children of intermarriage, but as the intermarriage rates increase, our numbers are growing. This is the place to: * Swap stories about growing up in an interfaith family & bridging two or more cultures; * Explore the cultural or spiritual aspects of Judaism in a welcoming environment; * Talk about encounters with anti-Semitism; * Share cultural or religious resources; * Discuss ways we are raising our kids; * Enjoy books and popular culture. "May you be who you are, and may you be blessed in all that you are." - from a shabbat blessing for children published by the Reform movement

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