Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum

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60 Schriever Lane
Clarkstown, NY 10956
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845 638 3369
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Gender: Female
Personal Status: Grandparent of children with interfaith parents
Children: 2
Religion: Jewish - Transdenominational, Reform
Profession: Rabbi
Interests: Exploring Jewish texts, studying ancient languages, creating and celebrating lifecycle rituals, listening, Folkdancing, playing with grandchildren
Hometown: New City, NY

About Me

I was ordained by the Academy for Jewish Religion, a pluralistic, transdenominational seminary. There I was blessed to study with cantorial and rabbinical students of the highest caliber and with a varied and challenging faculty. I learned to broaden my rational approach to religion and to develop an appreciation of the more spiritual dimension of things.

In stressful situations, I am the non-anxious presence. I have both the patience and the compassion necessary to listen well and to advise fairly when necessary. Much of what I say comes in the form of traditional stories from which a person seeking counsel may draw his or her own lessons.

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