Rabbi Edie Mueller

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This person is a Professional/Lay Leader

If searching for a rabbi to provide services, please be sure to read Who Gets To Be Called "Rabbi?"

35 Oxford Road
Newton, MA 02459
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617 9692354
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Gender: Female
Personal Status: Grandparent of children with interfaith parents, Parent of intermarried/interfaith partner, Intermarried/Interfaith Partner, Other relative of intermarried/interfaith partner
Religion: Jewish - Unaffiliated, Reform
Profession: Tutor, Rabbi, Educator
Interests: Helping interfaith or unaffiliated couples and individuals create sacred moments.
Birthday: 2/16/46
Hometown: NY, Great Neck

About Me

Writing articles for Interfaithfamily has helped me understand my own relationship with my husband and his Catholic family, as well as my own relationship to Judaism. My first love, though, is the spiritual, which I express through singing, writing, dancing, going out into the world. (I love that "going OUT INto!) The Fat Girl and Other Poems is my first published poetry collection. My journey led me to rabbinic ordination.