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Gender: Female
Children: 4
Religion: Jewish - Jewish Renewal, Reconstructionist
Profession: Rabbi
Hometown: Philadelphia

About Me

I am a rabbi and teacher with a specialty in creating participatory, engaging, and personally transformative life-cycle ceremonies that blend a deep rooting in Jewish tradition with customized elements that reflect your own sensibilities and needs. My approach involves a relationship with you. I want to know you and work with you because planning a ceremony that has real integrity, authenticity and power is not something that happens without investing in it.

I bring a deep grounding in the power and beauty of Jewish values and life-practices to this work, along with my love for music, story, the power of the liturgy, and my ability to mine the deep structure of the ceremony to bring its inherent power to the forefront.

You bring a desire to create something really special, and a commitment to learn, explore, laugh, be real, communicate, and wrestle with the role of Jewish commitment in your relationship, such that you would want a rabbi to be your guide.

My goal in placing this ‘ad’ here is not to attract a lot of people to my door. If you call me it is because you want to create an event that is deep, sweet, fun, compelling, powerful and authentic for yourselves, your family and friends…and you delight in taking the journey that can make this really happen.

You can learn more about me and my work at

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