Joseph Kolakowski

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Gender: Male
Personal Status: Other, Other relative of intermarried/interfaith partner, Child of Interfaith Parents
Children: 4
Religion: Jewish - Transdenominational, Traditional, Just Jewish, Jewish Renewal, Orthodox
Profession: Tutor, Synagogue Professional, Rabbinic Pastor, Rabbi, Outreach Professional, Jewish Youth Professional, Educator, Cultural, Cantor, Camp Administrator/Counselor, Program Professional
Interests: religion, history, Classic Films, Multifaith studies, Comparative Religion, Hasidism, kabbalah
Birthday: January 14
Hometown: NY and Floral Park, Callicoon, NY

About Me

I am an ordained Rabbi who has served pulpits for 7 years, having served synagogues in Virginia and New York. I have also been a teacher and a prison chaplain. I officiate at weddings for both Jews and non-Jews (but not intermarriages), and I officiate at all other lifecycle events for interfaith couples, such as babynaming, bnei mitzvah, funerals, memorials, etc. I work a lot with interfaith families, myself being part of one. I am proud to say that many of the members of the congregation where I currently serve as assistant rabbi are partners of interfaith marriages. We welcome them without judgement, and with open arms, respect, and love. Even though we maintain halachah in our practice, we are welcoming and here to serve our community in the ways that we can. I have officiated at over 200 weddings, at over 50 conversions, and at several funerals, unveilings, and Bnei Mitzvah. I am also a sought-after speaker and counselor. My wife, who converted to Judaism from Mormonism, is also a sought after speaker.

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