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2211 SW 1st, #1703,
Portland, OR 97201
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Gender: Female
Personal Status: Parent of intermarried/interfaith partner
Children: 3
Religion: Jewish - Conservative
Profession: Other, Outreach Professional
Interests: both from the inside out and the outside in., and increasing people's comfort level with the Jewish Experience, or the rediscovery of their Jewish heritage, intermarriage, through conversion, Welcoming people to the Jewish family
Birthday: 5/8/37
Hometown: or, Portland

About Me

I am Jewish by birth, Jewish by practice, and Jewish by choice; and every single day, all the time, to the core of my very being, I am Jewish on purpose! I am also the mother of three children raised in the Jewish tradition, mother-in-law to their mates who were not born to Judaism, and Bubbe to ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren, all of whom have one set of non-Jewish grandparents as well.

Currently, in addition to being a Life Coach with a Jewish focus, I am a facilitator with the Mothers' Circle program of the Jewish Outreach Institute.
Professionally, I have been a speaker and writer on Judaism, Jewish parenting, and interfaith family issues. I am the former administrator and facilitator for the Oregon Board of Rabbis’ Introduction to Judaism Program, the Program Director, and Director of the Early Childhood Learning Center of the Mittleman Jewish Community Center, author of the advice column, Letters to Lois, which appeared in the Anglo-Jewish press and dealt with issues of everyday Jewish life. I am probably best known for my book, Welcome to the Family: Opening Doors to the Jewish Experience, written primarily for the non-Jewish in-laws as a non-judgmental, non-threatening, and welcoming introduction to the Jewish family.

As a Life Coach, my Jewish focus is on the joys and challenges of contemporary Jewish living.

* Are you comfortable in your Jewish shoes, and are the members of your family?
* Do you want your Judaism to be more relevant?
* Do you want a meaningful Jewish life for yourself and your family?
* Are you in an interfaith relationship and/or marriage that you want to work better?
* Do you want to better understand the Jewish experience?

I can help you get the answers to these questions, on your terms.

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