Rabbi Michael Ross

General Information

Gender: Male
Personal Status: Other relative of intermarried/interfaith partner, Intermarried/Interfaith Partner
Children: 1
Religion: Jewish - Reconstructionist
Profession: Tutor, Rabbi, Outreach Professional, Educator, Program Professional
Interests: Basketball, Jazz, Jewish genetic issues
Birthday: 08/20
Hometown: Phoenixville

About Me

I am a Rabbi who is eager to help couples and families bring Judaism into their lives. I am willing and able to officiate at weddings all over the country and even destination weddings. While I do not co-officiate, I am willing and able to officiate at interfaith weddings. I look forward to co-creating your holiest moments together. I co-create babynamings, bnai mitzvah celebrations, and funerals as well.
All blessings.

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