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Passover Recipes

Passover cobb salad

These recipes are drawn from articles that have been published on our site over the years. For more, visit our recipe archive.

Seder Dishes

Haroset, diaspora
Eggs, red

Haroset (with dried fruit)

Haroset (with fresh fruit)

Haroset, sherry

Haroset, Syrian

Haroset, tropical

Matzah, seasoned

Matzah ballsAppetizers


Deviled Egg Cobb Salad with Smoked Salmon Tartines

Fresh cod cakes

Gefilte fish, smoked whitefish with lemon-horseradish sauce

Matzah ball soup, classic

Matzah ball soup, with asparagus and shiitakes

Tori Avey's matzah ball soup

Matzah balls

Matzah Brei with Onions, Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraiche

Matzah Meal-Crusted Quinoa Cakes

Mushroom dip

Salmon sushi (served with chipotle marinade for ceviche, beet salsa and cucumber yogurt sauce)

Soup, beef stock

Soup, spinach-mint


Asian Meatballs

Bagels, Passover

Brisket, easy onion-braised

Brisket, southern dry-rub

Brisket, stove top

Chicken in honey-mustard marinade

Chicken, lemon-fried, with tart salad topping

Kugel, Apple Matzah

Kugel, dairy matzah

Kugel, farfel

Kugel, Morrocan-flavored carrot

Kugel, Passover noodle

Kugel, sweet vegetable

Lamb shanks

Lamb, roast (for Easter--not kosher for Passover)

Latkes, matzah meal and cottage cheese

Macaroni and cheese, Passover-style

Matzah brie primavera

Matzah pizza

Mojo, a Puerto Rican garlicky sauce

Plantains, in red wine

Pot Roast, Cranberry

Rice, basic Middle Eastern*

Rolls, Passover (Abrams)

Rolls, Passover (Korman)

Sea bass in lime cream sauce


Burmolikos, Bulgarian Matzah Puffs

Chocolate Berry PiesBrownies, Passover

Cake (Hungarian chocolate walnut torte)

Cake, cocoa cream layer

Cake, Fanny's flourless chocolate

Cake, Hazelnut Brown Butter

Candy, rocky road

Chocolate Berry Pies (grain-free and vegan)

Chocolate icing

Cobbler, strawberry rhubarb

Compote, spring

Compote, strawberry-orange, with stuffed dates

Cookies, chewy chocolate

Cookies, cinnamon balls

Cookies, coconut

Cookies, flourless pistachio

Flan, orange

Granola, Passover

Granola, Matzah

Macaroon crumble, mango and sour cherry

Macaroons, toasted almond-coconut

Mandelbread (cookies)

Matzah pancakes (gremchelich)

Matzah, Chocolate Caramel

Pears, stuffed and poached, with chocolate sauce and vanilla sabayon

Sponge cake

Sugar, Passover confectioners'

*Ashkenazi Jews, who comprise the majority of Jews in the U.S., do not consider rice kosher for Passover. Sephardic Jews do consider rice kosher for Passover.

Having Jewish family origins in Germany or Eastern Europe. Of the culture of Jews with family origins in Spain, Portugal or North Africa. Hebrew for "fit" (as in, "fit for consumption"), the Jewish dietary laws. Hebrew for "order," refers to the traditional course of events, or service, surrounding the Passover and Tu Bishvat meals.
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