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So you got invited to your boyfriend/girlfriend's house for seder? Does that mean you should expect a ring?

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In some families, bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend home for Passover indicates a strong level of commitment. In other families, holiday tables are open to everyone, and the more the merrier; your partner may not intend to signal anything by bringing you home.

You may not know until you get there – unless you ask. Because Passover is a family holiday with the same kind of family status as Thanksgiving or Christmas in Christian families, being a guest at their seder is a good opportunity for you to learn a lot about your partner's family and whether or not he or she brought you along to show that the relationship is serious.

The Guide to Passover for Interfaith Families is also available in PDF

Hebrew for "order," refers to the traditional course of events, or service, surrounding the Passover and Tu Bishvat meals.

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