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Family Shabbat Dinner Video

January 30, 2011

The Cole family shares their Friday night rituals for Shabbat. Together, they give tzedakah (righteous or charitable giving), light the Shabbat candles, bless and sip grape juice, and bless and eat challah bread.

Shabbat Shalom!











Hebrew for "Sabbath [of] peace," a greeting on the Jewish Sabbath. Hebrew for "righteousness," it usually means "charity" or "righteous giving." In Judaism, it refers to the religious obligation to do what is right and just, including giving to those in need. A bread that comes in a few different varieties; its most common variation is a braided egg bread, though there are water challahs that don't have eggs, and there are whole-wheat challahs which sometimes also don't have eggs. It is customary to being Sabbath and holiday meals by saying blessings and eating challah. The Jewish Sabbath, from sunset on Friday to nightfall on Saturday.
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