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  • An Interfaith Friendship between Two Mothers

    By Susan Katz Miller

    A Review of The Book Borrower by Alice Mattison, which follows the friendship of two mothers--one Jewish, and one Christian.

    Date: 01-13-2007
  • On the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ritual: Two Books Explore Its Impact

    By Rebecca E. Kotkin

    Review of Bat Mitzvah: A Jewish Girl’s Coming of Age by Barbara Diamond Goldin (Puffin Books, 139 pp., $5.99) and Whose Bar/Bat Mitzvah Is This, Anyway? A Guide for Parents Through a Family Rite of Passage by Judith Davis, both

    Date: 07-05-2007
  • Sifting Through the Evidence: A Review of Is the Bible True

    By Jonathan Groner

    Review of Is the Bible True: How Modern Debates and Discoveries Affirm the Essence of the Scriptures, by Jeffrey L. Sheler, which explores modern evidence in seeking the greater truths of biblical times.

    Date: 01-20-2007
  • The Million-Dollar Question: What Makes Someone a Jew?

    By Rabbi Adam Chalom

    Review of What Makes Someone a Jew?, Lauren Seidman’s children’s book celebrating the diversity of the Jewish population.

    Date: 08-24-2007
  • Religious Mysteries Provide Puzzles, Perplexities--and Ultimate "Revelation"

    By Marlena Thompson

    A review of Unholy Orders; Mystery Stories With A Religious Twist, edited by Serita Stevens, a collection of exciting mysteries which weave in elements of Judaism and Christianity.

    Date: 01-18-2007
  • How Hungry Are You?

    By Ron Lux

    Review of Questions Christians Ask the Rabbi and Understanding Your Neighbor’s Faith, two interesting but different books that give insight into different religions.

    Date: 01-29-2007
  • Negotiating Faith

    By Gail Quets

    Review of The Guide to Jewish Interfaith Family Life: An Handbook, edited by Ronnie Friedland and Edmund Case, about the variety of experiences of interfaith families and how they experience Judaism.

    Date: 05-24-2007
  • A Weak Attempt at Biblical Feminism

    By Jasmin Singer

    Review of The Garden of Ruth, a feminist reimagining of Ruth and her descendent, Osnath.

    Date: 04-20-2007
  • A Sequel Equal to its Predecessor in Distinction: A Review of The Second Jewish Book of Why

    By Marlena Thompson

    Review of The Second Jewish Book of Why by Alfred Kolatch, an exhaustive resource for the more controversial questions of Jewish life.

    Date: 01-09-2007
  • From Le Thi Hong to Rivka Shoshanah

    By Cheryl F. Coon

    Review of Rebecca’s Journey Home, a children’s book about a Jewish family with two sons that adopts a Vietnamese baby girl.

    Date: 05-18-2007

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