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Hanukkah and Christmas

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  • My December Disaster

    By Jane Larkin

    An excerpt about December holidays from Jane Larkin's book From Generation to Generation

    Date: 11-25-2014
  • Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Hanukkah?

    By Jewish Boston

    A fun, educational quiz about Hanukkah

    Date: 12-02-2014
  • How to Make a Kid-Friendly, DIY Menorah

    By Jewish Boston

    An activity guide from JewishBoston for Hanukkah

    Date: 12-04-2014
  • Christmukkah…?

    By Jordyn Rozensky

    So, I ask you-- can a strong Jewish household celebrate a very not Jewish holiday? How do you navigate your own feelings?

    Date: 12-02-2011
  • Hanukkah Booklet

    Our booklet explaining Hanukkah. What to expect, its history, customs, foods and games.

    Date: 11-29-2011
  • Fifteen Christmases and a Festival Tree

    By Michael Doyle

    "Last December, on a Jewish journey and with my possessions in storage, I celebrated my first tree-free holiday season. This year, officially Jewish and back in my own apartment, I'm finally faced with the December Dilemma. Jews don't put up Christmas trees, and there's no such thing as a Chanukah bush. And then I got an idea."

    Date: 12-07-2011
  • Grandparents and the December Dilemma

    By Sunie Levin

    As grandparents, how can you navigate the December holidays with your grandchildren? How do you balance Hanukkah with their other grandparents' holiday?

    Date: 12-13-2011
  • Oy Tannenbaum

    By Molly Parr

    Personal narrative about the December dilemma, with a recipe to boot!

    Date: 12-15-2011
  • How To Make Latkes

    Ever wonder how to make the yummy Hanukkah treats? This video teaches you how to make your own latkes - potato pancakes - in a variety of flavors.

    Date: 12-19-2011
  • Wreaths and Crowns, Christmas and Hanukkah

    By Mae Rockland Tupa

    The surprising history of the Christmas wreath, with a Jewish Hanukkah twist.

    Date: 11-19-2012

Showing 131 to 140 of 301