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  • Shabbat and Havdalah

    Everything you wanted to know about the weekly celebration of Shabbat (and Havdalah) in one place.

    Date: 07-14-2011
  • Oy Tannenbaum

    By Molly Parr

    Personal narrative about the December dilemma, with a recipe to boot!

    Date: 12-15-2011
  • How To Make Latkes

    Ever wonder how to make the yummy Hanukkah treats? This video teaches you how to make your own latkes - potato pancakes - in a variety of flavors.

    Date: 12-19-2011
  • Tu Bishvat Seders

    Resources to help you celebrate Tu Bishvat by hosting your own holiday seder (meal).

    Date: 01-20-2012
  • Haman's Ears Recipes

    Recipes for making the Sephardic Purim treat known as Haman's Ears (Orejas de Haman in Spanish or Oznei Haman in Hebrew).

    Date: 02-02-2012
  • Matzah Ball Soup by Matt

    Looking to wow your family this Passover? Try Matt's matzah ball soup!

    Date: 03-22-2012
  • Passover: The Mother of All Kitchen Holidays

    By Jamie Geller

    Recipes for Passover - that don't taste like they're for Passover!

    Date: 04-03-2012
  • Eating Jewish Mengedarrah for Tisha b'Av

    By Katherine Romanow

    There aren't many recipes for the holiday of Tisha b'Av, but this article explains both the holiday and one Sephardi dish.

    Date: 05-10-2012
  • New Ways or Old With Jewish Food?

    By Dana Kletter

    Riches abound in this huge new cookbook, but you will have to read carefully.

    Date: 05-15-2012
  • Reading About Food and History: 97 Orchard

    By Benjamin A. Maron

    Review of the book 96 Orchard: An Edible History of Five Immigrant Families in One New York Tenement.

    Date: 05-24-2012

Showing 81 to 90 of 209