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Shabbat and Other Holidays

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  • Guide to Shabbat Additional Resources

    By InterfaithFamily

    Part of the Guide to Shabbat for Interfaith Families.

    Date: 05-21-2009
  • For Kids: The Story of Purim

    By Matt Hawkins

    A video about the story of Purim, just for children and families!

    Date: 02-24-2011
  • Unplugged, Interfaith Style

    By Dan Fost

    An interfaith father figures out what it means to unplug from our fast-paced world in order to connect to Shabbat with his family.

    Date: 02-21-2011
  • Rabbi Reuben's Ruminations: Getting Comfortable With Jewish Rituals

    By Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

    Be there while your Jewish partner makes Shabbat blessings and add meaning in your own language.

    Date: 03-25-2009
  • The Book of Ruth: an Interfaith Tale

    By Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael

    As we read and honor Ruth's journey at Shavuot, we can reflect and honor our own unique paths. Celebrate your marriages, honor the wisdom of your ancestors  and give gratitude for your abundance.

    Date: 05-03-2013
  • For Kids: Hamantaschen

    By Matt Hawkins

    Especially for children and families, a video about Purim and yummy hamantaschen cookies!

    Date: 02-24-2011
  • Purim After All

    By Nancy Thompson Brown

    An interfaith family discovers the joys of Purim with their young daughters - and figures out proper synagogue etiquette.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Shabbat Made Easy

    Resource explaining how to celebrate and create Shabbat, the sabbath, in the home.

    Date: 02-16-2011
  • Tu Bishvat: the greening of Judaism

    This booklet will give you the history of the holiday, activities for young children and some ideas for a Tu Bishvat seder.

    Date: 12-29-2010
  • Shabbat: What To Expect At A Synagogue

    A booklet explaining what to expect if going to a synagogue on Shabbat, including Friday night and Saturday morning services.

    Date: 06-26-2011

Showing 71 to 80 of 156