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Bar and Bat Mitzvah

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  • John Kerry's Jewish Brother

    By Sharon Luckerman

    Interview with Cam Kerry, presidential hopeful John Kerry’s brother, who converted from Catholicism to Judaism and married a Jewish woman.

    Date: 02-20-2007
  • Building Jewish Souls One Smile at A Time

    By Jordan Dale

    Director of a Jewish camp describes his approach to interfaith families and how the camp integrates Judaism into its curriculum.

    Date: 06-07-2007
  • Keeping the Interfaith, for My Dad

    By Wilson E. Baer

    Personal narrative from the bar mitzvah aged son of interfaith parents describing his strong Jewish identity, but also the importance of his father’s Christian heritage in his life.

    Date: 07-27-2007
  • "Radical Inclusion": A First in San Francisco--Celebrating Bat Mitzvah at Glide

    By Ronnie Caplane

    A news article about the first Bat Mitzvahheld at Glide, a church in San Francisco, also tells the personal narrative and spiritual journey of the Bat Mitzvah girl, including why she chose to hold her service at Glide.

    Date: 06-11-2007
  • Progressive Politics and Jewish Camp, Combined

    By Theo Forbath

    A personal narrative about a politically progressive camp where interfaith kids with progressive values feel comfortable.

    Date: 07-24-2007
  • But I Did All the Right Things

    By Paula C. Yablonsky

    The personal narrative of a woman who had to accept that her daughter wanted to think about what being a Jew really meant to her before she was willing to be confirmed.

    Date: 07-19-2007
  • One of Us

    By Sue Repko

    The personal narrative of a Catholic woman who wanted her son to become a Bar Mitzvah so that he could connect with his father’s past.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • Choosing No Choice as a Choice

    By Shelly Edwards Schweizer

    The personal narrative of a Jewish woman in an interfaith marriage who decided not to choose one religion for her children until she realized that such a lifestyle only confused her children, beginning her search for a religion where she and her family

    Date: 07-19-2007
  • Chrewish

    By Jackson Davidow

    The story of a pre-teen who was raised by a Christian mother and Jewish father but feels a strong connection to his Jewish identity and rejects the label "Chrewish."

    Date: 08-09-2007
  • Dear Wendy: A Question about My Daughter's Bat Mitzvah

    By Wendy Weltman Palmer

    Professional advice "Dear Wendy" article about a Catholic woman whose parents did not approve of her raising Jewish children and who now has to decide whether to invite them to her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

    Date: 11-07-2006

Showing 101 to 110 of 146