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Death and Mourning

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  • My Jewish Journey: Passages

    By Julie Gardner

    A personal narrative of a woman who nearly lost all faith after the passing of her sister and a landmark birthday, but family and friends reminded her of all that she’d accomplished.

    Date: 06-11-2007
  • Anticipating My First High Holy Days as a Widow

    By Ronnie Caplane

    Personal narrative by a newly widowed intermarried woman, describing how she misses her husband all the time, and especially at the High Holidays.

    Date: 08-02-2006
  • A Book for Interfaith Grandchildren about the Death of a Grandparent

    By Cheryl F. Coon

    Book review of Kaddish for Grandpa:  In Jesus’ Name Amen by James Howe--a children’s book about the child in an interfaith family mourning the death of her grandpa.

    Date: 12-06-2006
  • Our Interfaith Family: Blessed with Love

    By Jane Young

    The personal narrative of a Jewish woman in an interfaith marriage who let her son decide what religion suited him, and now she, her son, and her husband are very involved in their local temple.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • Chief Rabbi Lau Assures Burial of Three Bombing Victims

    By Haim Shapiro

    Reprinted news article about the debate over whether three Israeli victims of suicide bombings could be buried in Jewish city cemeteries, since they did not haveJewish mothers. 

    Date: 07-26-2006
  • My Choice

    By Tara Remick

    The personal narrative of a woman of interfaith parents who began searching for God after the her father became terminally ill during her teenage years.

    Date: 08-14-2007
  • Illness in an Interfaith Couple

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Audio interview with Courtney Nathan on interfaith relationships and dealing with sickness and death.

    Date: 02-22-2007
  • A Compass Through a Topsy-Turvy World: New Book Published by JFS Helps Families with Seriously Ill Parents

    By Gail Naron Chalew

    Review of Gail Naron Chalew’s When A Parent Is Seriously Ill, an informative read of how children can cope with the death of a parent.

    Date: 08-02-2007
  • Who Is Jewish? A Personal Reflection on a Theme in God Is Great, I'm Not

    By Louise Levesque Lopman

    Review of the film God Is Great, I’m Not, its portrayal of the main character’s journey to convert to Judaism, and how that resonates with the author’s own personal experience with conversion.

    Date: 02-17-2007
  • Don't Sweat the Jewish Stuff

    By Nina Amir Lacey

    A mother worries whether her non-Jewish family and friends will feel comfortable at her son's bar mitzvah.

    Date: 02-21-2008

Showing 121 to 130 of 158