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Death and Mourning

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  • How I Helped My Wife Mourn for Her Mother

    By David Horowitz

    Personal narrative about how a Jewish man helped his wife, a Jew-by-choice, mourn for her Catholic mother, which included his giving a eulogy at the mother’s Catholic funeral.

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • Light

    By Gary Goldhammer

    Personal narrative about a boy’s loss of his father, his attitude toward Yahrzeit candles and his non-Jewish wife’s attitudes, which have changed over time.

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • Mourning My Presbyterian Mother as a Jew-by-Choice

    By Paula C. Yablonsky

    Personal narrative of a Jew-by-choice describing her Episcopalian mother’s Catholic funeral and the confusing feelings of comfort she found in recalling childhood memories of Catholic ritual. 

    Date: 07-10-2006
  • Reflections of a Jewish Woman on the Death of Her Catholic Mother

    By Dr. June Andrews Horowitz

    Personal narrative from a Jew-by-choice and only child recalling her experience preparing Catholic death rites for her mother, and also observing Jewish mourning rituals such as shiva and Kaddish for her own spiritual wellbeing.

    Date: 07-10-2006
  • Dispatch from the Institute: Funerals for Jewish Interfaith Families--Knowing The Ideal, Then Navigating The Real

    By The Jewish Outreach Institute

    Professional view/ article discussing traditional Jewish funeral practice and also some of the variations on how families mark a death today, focusing on specific issues that might arise

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • Uniting Family and Friends of Different Religions to Mourn a Beloved Grandmother

    By Dr. Ruth Nemzoff

    Personal narrative in which a woman explains Jewish mourning rituals to all non-Jewish family members and non-Jewish caretakers when her mother-in-law dies and then asks about their mour

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • Mourning Rachel

    By Paula Lee Hellman

    Personal narrative about a step-interfaith family and how they respectfully honored each other’s feelings when planning a funeral, yet how the Jewish mourner feels most comforted b

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • Supporting My Partner through the Death of Her Parent

    By Barry Schwartz

    Personal narrative about the death and funeral of a man whose loving, inclusive spirit brought together friends and famly of all ages and religions.  Together, they created a personalized memorial service that was meaningful to all.

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • From Joy to Grief

    By Pam Chernoff

    Personal narrative of a non-Jewish woman married to a Jewish man who lost her twin boys in the womb.

    Date: 04-12-2007
  • Death in the Interfaith Family

    By Lisa Friedman

    News article about the complex issues surrounding mourning and grief in interfaith families.

    Date: 04-05-2007

Showing 31 to 40 of 158