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Pregnancy and Birth Ceremonies

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  • Blessed Be the Tie That Binds

    By Teresa McMahon

    A personal narrative from a non-Jewish woman who agreed to raise her children Jewish, but worried about the bris and struggled with the prohibitions against naming someone after a living relative and holding a baby shower.

    Date: 06-21-2006
  • Is Heaven Denied to an Unbaptized Child: For Catholic Parents with Jewish Children

    By Reverend Walter H. Cuenin

    Clarification of the Catholic Church's position on baptism, Heaven and the Jewish people.

    Date: 06-06-2007
  • How I Counsel Interfaith Families Considering a Ritual Circumcision

    By Rabbi Donni C. Aaron

    A professional view from the director of the Reform Movement’s Brit Mila Program explaining what ritual circumcision is--and--isn’t, and citations of evidence for the health benefits of a bris.

    Date: 08-14-2007
  • Planning a Brit Milah: What To Do Besides Calling the Mohel

    By George Robinson

    Reprinted professional advice on how to pick a mohel, how a bris works, when it occurs and what you’ll need for it.

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • Our Son's Bris Shalom, or Welcoming Covenant

    By Lisa Rosen

    A template for an alternative secular Jewish ceremony to welcome a son with no circumcision.

    Date: 06-21-2006
  • Shehecheyanu

    By InterfaithFamily

    The shehecheyanu prayer in Hebrew, and the shehecheyanu prayer in English.

    Date: 01-28-2009
  • Daughter of the Covenant

    By Keren R. McGinity

    A personal narrative from a Jewish woman married to a non-Jewish Irish man about the journey to their daughter’s unique baby-naming ceremony--replete with bagpipes.

    Date: 06-21-2006
  • Strangest Looks

    By Amy Dominy

    Personal narrative of a woman whose non-Jewish in-laws were horrified at her plans for a bris.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Challah and Rice Cakes

    By Tracy Hahn-Burkett

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman married to a non-Jewish man about their adopted Korean daughter, and the Jewish and Korean birth ceremonies they held for her.

    Date: 05-18-2007
  • Why I Am Not Having My Sons Circumcised

    By Dawn Friedman

    Personal narrative from a mother who grew up in interfaith family and converted to Judaism, yet did not have her son circumcised even though she is raising him Jewish, because she did not want to harm his body in case as an adult he chooses a religion

    Date: 11-14-2006

Showing 11 to 20 of 174