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  • Should Rabbis Say "I Do" To Intermarriage?

    By Julie Wiener

    News article about the debate over officiation, including’s hiring of Rabbi Lev Baesh as head of the Rabbinic Circle.

    Date: 07-27-2007
  • Preventing Interfaith Problems

    By Rabbi Julie Greenberg

    Professional view from a rabbi counseling communication before interfaith conflicts arise.

    Date: 06-23-2006
  • Reflections on Marrying Interfaith Couples

    By Rabbi Leslie Keiter Tannenwald

    Professional view from a rabbi who thinks that performing interfaith marriages helps keep the couple within the Jewish community.

    Date: 08-17-2006
  • Temple Israel OKs Interfaith Weddings in Its Building

    By Marshall Weiss

    A news article about new policy in a Reform synagogue in Dayton, Ohio, that allows interfaith marriages to take place in the sanctuary as long as the rabbi, who will not perform intermarriages, approves the ceremony, and as long as no non-Jewish symbol

    Date: 07-05-2007
  • Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Officiating at an Intermarriage

    By Rabbi Paul H. Levenson

    Professional view by rabbi presenting a typical scenario that occurs when an interfaith couple approaches him asking that he marry them.

    Date: 08-17-2006
  • Counseling Interfaith Couples Who Want Me to Marry Them

    By Rev. Yvonne V. Schaudt

    Professional view by a minister discussing how she immediately hurls the hard questions--conversion and children--at interfaith couples who want her to marry them because she believes that these questions are essential to work out before

    Date: 11-14-2006
  • Once Was Not Enough: Why We Had Three Weddings

    By Bonni Goldberg

    Personal narrative in which intermarried woman describes her three weddings: one before a judge, with no guests, one with her family, and one with their friends.

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • On Becoming a Justice of the Peace

    By Elise Klein

    Personal narrative from a director of an outreach program about how she became a justice of the peace and officiated at a moving wedding between an Orthodox Jewish man and an Irish-Catholic man.

    Date: 06-23-2006
  • Expansive Chuppah: Washington Hebrew OKs Officiation of Interfaith Weddings--with Conditions

    By Paula Amann

    News article about a decision by Washington Hebrew Congregation, the country’s third-largest Reform synagogue, to allow its rabbis to officiate at intermarriages.

    Date: 11-15-2006
  • Rabbi Takes an Inventive Approach to Intermarriage

    By Judie Jacobson

    Reprint news article about a rabbi who agrees to allow certain others to perform intermarriages in his synagogue, under certain conditions, even though he himself won’t perform them.

    Date: 08-11-2006

Showing 51 to 60 of 117