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Anti-Semitism and Interfaith Families

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  • Embracing Two Realities: Thoughts about Opposition to Intermarriage as I Approach Mine

    By Mina Silberberg

    Opinion piece by a Caucasion Jewish woman who is married to a Christian African-American man describing her desire to be welcomed and appreciated by the Jewish community, but also her understanding of those critical of intermarriage

    Date: 07-11-2006
  • my choice/my identity/my struggle

    By Loolwa Khazzoom

    The personal narrative of an Orthodox Jewish woman who was excluded and fearful as a child because of her faith, but has now formed immense pride in her Jewish heritage.

    Date: 08-07-2007
  • Lustiger Was a Bridge and Puzzle to Those in the Interfaith World

    By Ben Harris

    News article about the death of Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, a Catholic official who was instrumental in Jewish-Catholic interreligious dialogue but who also was a convert from Judaism.

    Date: 08-13-2007
  • "I'm Jewish, Jewish, Jewish!"

    By Teresa McMahon

    Personal narrative from an intermarried Catholic woman who is raising her two daughters as Jews, and her realization, throguh personal and international events, that anti-Semitism is still a threat.

    Date: 07-19-2006
  • Anti-Semitism: Now It's My Problem, Too

    By Jim Keen

    Personal narrative of an intermarried Protestant man who sees anti-Semitism differently now that it’s a direct threat to his wife and daughters. 

    Date: 07-19-2006
  • What is Zionism Anyway?

    By Gil Mann

    Reprinted opinion piece defining Zionism and briefly explaining Zionist history.

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • Anti-Semitism: Where Does It Begin...and End?

    By Rabbi Arthur P. Nemitoff

    Professional view from a rabbi about Jewish sensitivity around anti-Semitism, described through the story of a young boy from an interfaith family who felt uncomfortable singing a song about Christ in school, and whose father understood, but

    Date: 07-19-2006
  • In Europe, Passion Is Panned--but Still Breaks Box-Office Records

    By Ruth Gruber

    Reprinted news article about the film The Passion of the Christ and how it was received by different groups in various European countries. 

    Date: 07-20-2006
  • How Can We Solidify Intermarried Families' Commitment to Israel?

    By Sarah Tauber

    Opinion from an intermarried Jewish woman living in Europe talking about the links she sees between European anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, and the importance of educating and actively engaging non-Jewish spouses in Jewish communal affairs, including

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • Today I am a Jew

    By Catherine Ford

    Reprinted editorial from an intermarried woman fed-up with anti-Semitism around the world and determined to proudly stand with her Jewish husband and children and say "I am a Jew."

    Date: 11-30-2006

Showing 31 to 40 of 62