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  • Interview with Anita Diamant: Author of Good Harbor

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Profile of Anita Diamant, author of The Red Tent and a new book, Good Harbor. Article focuses on her marriage to a Jew-by-choice and her own religious journey.

    Date: 02-20-2007
  • Synagogue Community in New Hampshire Offers a Helping Hand to Muslims in Its Midst

    By Rabbi Lev Baesh

    A rabbi’s personal narrative of how his synagogue reached out to local Muslims after September 11th.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • From the Readers: What Has Meant to Me

    By InterfaithFamily

    A collection of testimonials about’s impact on readers, professionals and writers for the occasion of its 100th issue.

    Date: 05-24-2007
  • Remembering Egon Mayer

    By Edmund Case

    Profile of Egon Mayer, Jewish demographer and pioneer in Jewish outreach to the intermarried, at the time of his death. 

    Date: 07-21-2006
  • The Road Taken

    By Hedi Molnar

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman who credits her attendance at numerous interfaith groups with her and her Catholic husbands decision to raise their kids Jewish.

    Date: 10-24-2006
  • Interfaith and Interfaithless Marriages

    By Rabbi Bruce Kadden

    A rabbi’s advice on how to create a sense of faith and ritual in interfaith families with or without choosing only one religion.

    Date: 06-07-2007
  • Ruth's Inspiration

    By Hillel Halkin

    Reprinted opinon piece about two bible stories that provide alternative views of assimilation and accepting converts:  the tolerant, welcoming attitude of the story of Ruth, and the xenophobic, defensive attitude of the story of Ezra.

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • My Opinion: Ethnicity is Not Judaism

    By David Essex

    An opinion/editorial discussing how many converts to the Jewish faith feel that they are unwelcome and that they don’t belong.

    Date: 06-11-2007
  • Interfaith Holiday Partners in Haifa: Among Haifa's Arabs and Jews, Winter Holidays Occasion for Unity

    By Dina Kraft

    Reprinted news article about the Festival of Festivals, an interfiath, intercultural festival that Arabs, Jews, and Christians collaborate to organize in Haifa, Israel each winter.

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • Proactive Conversion as Outreach

    By Dr Gary A. Tobin

    An opinion/editorial article stressing the importance of active conversion when a Jew marries a non-Jew.

    Date: 08-01-2012

Showing 101 to 110 of 218