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Synagogues and the Jewish Community

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  • Jews, Christians and an Ex-Messianic Attend a Lecture by Anti-Missionary Expert, Rabbi Kravitz, at CSU

    By Susan Schaibly

    News article on a lecture by the founder of Jews for Judaism, an anti-missionary group.

    Date: 03-13-2007
  • Lovers of Israel: A Review of A Place in the Tent: Intermarriage and Conservative Judaism

    By Rabbi Carl Perkins

    Book review of A Place in the Tent:  Intermarriage an Conservative Judaism by a rabbi and a Jewish outreach worker, gives an outline of the book’s structure and complimentary overview of its content.

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • Night Rider

    By Josh Fischel

    Personal narrative about Ellie Wiesel’s Night, and its usefulness as an emotional and educational resource for discussing the Holocaust--the author thinks that more attention should be paid to the historical--rather than emotional--l

    Date: 08-02-2006
  • U.S. Jews Accept Intermarriage in Growing Numbers, Survey Finds

    By Julie Wiener

    Reprinted news article telling of the increasingly welcoming, or at least accepting, attitudes and behaviors of liberal American Jews and Jewish leaders toward intermarriage, and interfaith families.

    Date: 07-17-2006
  • Survey Shows Conservative Judaism's Numbers Dropping

    By Nacha Cattan

    Reprinted news article about possible causes and meanings of the Conservative movement’s dropping numbers and increasing level of observance.

    Date: 07-25-2006
  • Our Oy Goy Boy

    By Mark Young

    A non-Jewish man’s personal narrative on his involvement in his local synagogue with the encouragement of his Jewish wife and son.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • Beyond Interfaith Marriage

    By Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis

    Reprinted rabbi’s sermon about the need for both outreach to the intermarried and in-reach to make Jews more interested and invested in their Judaism.  

    Date: 07-21-2006
  • My Generation and the Holocaust

    By Shana Franklin

    Personal narrative from a young woman discussing the importance of remembering and teaching about the Holocaust in the generations after survivors have passed away.

    Date: 08-02-2006
  • Anderson Cooper 360

    By InterfaithFamily

    CNN investigates the struggles of interfaith relationships, focusing on a Jewish man married to a Sikh woman.

    Date: 06-19-2007
  • Rabbi Ronne Friedman's Interview of Esta

    An interview of Esta Epstein of on her role as a philanthropist who works in supporting the arts, promoting educational outreach, and encouraging Jewish communities to accept interfaith families.

    Date: 06-19-2007

Showing 41 to 50 of 455