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Synagogues and the Jewish Community

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  • Serving the Jewish Interfaith Family in the Jewish Community Day School Setting

    By Dr. Marc N. Kramer

    The executive director of a network of Jewish day schools discusses how interfaith families are comfortable and welcomed in Jewish Community day schools.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • Night and Fog

    By Andi Rosenthal

    The personal narrative of a woman who was raised Catholic, but had a Jewish father, and her experience taking classes about the Holocaust during college.

    Date: 06-14-2007
  • New Conservative Initiative Reaches Out to the Intermarried

    By Sue Fishkoff

    Reprinted news article about Conservative movement initiative to encourage intermarried spouses to convert to Judaism and become active synagogue members.

    Date: 06-28-2007
  • The Best of Your Picks

    By InterfaithFamily

    Some of's supporters and contributors pick their favorite articles from the website.

    Date: 05-24-2007
  • The Wall

    By Shoshana Hebshi-Holt

    Personal narrative from an American Jewish-Palestinian Arab woman describing her powerful experience visiting the Western Wall.

    Date: 12-19-2006
  • CN8 Nitebeat

    By InterfaithFamily

    CN8 Nitebeat discusses interfaith families and how to have a successful December holiday season.

    Date: 06-19-2007
  • Budget Recommendations Would Replace Pathways Program for Intermarrieds

    By Robert Wiener

    Reprinted news article about debate over the effectiveness of the Pathways outreach program which lost its funding from the United Jewish Communities of MetroWest, NJ.

    Date: 07-28-2006
  • From Before Birth... Growing the Jewish Identity

    By Steven Michalove

    The personal narrative of a man who planned with his Christian wife to raise his children Jewish and was forced to start a new progressive synagogue when his sons were unwelcome in the Orthodox community.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • Why I Am a Unitarian

    By Sara Holtz

    Personal narrative from a Jewish-Protestant intermarried couple who wanted to raise their children with some religion, and found the only reasonable compromise in the Unitarian church, because of what the Jewish partner sees as the "rigidity&quo

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • Interfaith Families and Secular Judaism

    By Cantor and Rabbi Judith Seid

    General information about how interfaith couples and ceremonies are handled by the Secular Humanistic Jewish movement.

    Date: 05-02-2007

Showing 91 to 100 of 455