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  • e-newsletter 1-6-09

    First e-newsletter of 2009! Hanukkah hangover, Jewish aunt at Catholic wedding, funky new cookbooks, profile of Sadia Shepherd, The Girl From Foreign.

    Date: 01-06-2009
  • electronic newsletter 12-23-08

    Last electronic newsletter of 2008--new Facebook fan page, new wedding bloggers, Barbra Streisand honored at Kennedy Center.

    Date: 12-22-2008
  • e-newsletter 12-9-08

    Resource guide for Hanukkah, personal stories about Christmas and Hanukkah, Limmud NY, Bronfman Youth Fellowship in Israel, Jews Who Wrote Christmas Songs, Top Five Christmas Movies with Jewish Connection.

    Date: 12-09-2008
  • Electronic Newsletter 11-25-08

    Bronfman family provides new leadership on interfaith marriage issue, Rod Carew, John Key, Rabbi Reuben on when your parents threaten to cut you off.

    Date: 11-25-2008
  • e-newsletter 11-11-08

    Halloween, big outreach, reviews of childen's books, Rahm Emanuel, stories that can only happen in interfaith families.

    Date: 11-10-2008
  • e-newsletter 10-29-08

    Now that the big Jewish fall holidays are over, it's time to get geared up for Hanukkah and Christmas with our December survey. Also with great articles on parenting babies, toddlers and teens, and about love and marriage.

    Date: 10-29-2008
  • e-newsletter 10-15-08

    Post-Yom Kippur roundup, Sukkot 5769, teaching Jewish food snobbery, talented actresses of Ashkenazi Jewish and African-American heritage.

    Date: 10-15-2008
  • e-newsletter 9-29-08

    Rosh Hashanah articles, how to navigate the synagogue, adult children of interfaith families, why interfaith marriage can sometimes be easier.

    Date: 09-28-2008
  • e-newsletter September 16, 2008

    Overturning assumptions about a lot of things: interfaith parents not sure whether to forbid kids to interdate, weird Jewish funeral customs, Muslim-Jewish intermarriage.

    Date: 09-15-2008
  • e-newsletter 9-3-2008

    Elul is here! New Babies, new communities, new loves, and soon, a new year.

    Date: 09-03-2008

Showing 411 to 420 of 506