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Divorce and Step-Family

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  • Appeals Court Backs Jewish Dad’s Bid in Custody Battle

    By Enid Weiss

    Reprinted news article about a dispute in a divorce case over whether the children should be raised Catholic, going to CCD, or Jewish, going to Hebrew school.

    Date: 07-26-2007
  • Argentine Custody Battle over Religion

    By Florencia Arbiser

    Reprinted news article about divorced interfaith parents’ court fight in Argentina about whether the Catholic mother could deny the children their Jewish heritage and learning.

    Date: 07-26-2007
  • Hybrids Aren't Just Roses

    By Carol Weiss Rubel

    Personal narrative by a Catholic woman (and the child of interfaith parents) who is married to a divorced observant Jew, which has caused major rifts in his family. 

    Date: 07-26-2007
  • Our Special Angel: Adopting Chloe'

    By Debra A.W. Berger

    Personal narrative by a Jewish woman who is raising her husband’s children from a prior marriage and an adopted daughter from Guatemala, who cannot imagine loving any children--biological or not--more than she loves hers.

    Date: 11-05-2006
  • Better Left Undefined

    By Jasmin Singer

    Personal narrative from the child of a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father (and step-father), about the mixture of Christmas and Hanukkah in her childhood home--and her rejection of religion.

    Date: 08-15-2007
  • Not Your Typical Jewish Family

    By Johanna Karasik

    Personal narrative about a daughter of divorced interfaith parents whose father decided to hold a Hanukkah/Shabbat celebration and wanted her to teach their multi-faith extended family about Jewish traditions.   

    Date: 08-09-2006
  • Keeping the Interfaith, for My Dad

    By Wilson E. Baer

    Personal narrative from the bar mitzvah aged son of interfaith parents describing his strong Jewish identity, but also the importance of his father’s Christian heritage in his life.

    Date: 07-27-2007
  • Seeking Comfort

    By Paula Lee Hellman

    The personal narrative of a woman who found comfort in the community of her congregation after September 11th.

    Date: 06-08-2007
  • Divorced, Remarried, and Discovered Judaism

    By Paula Lee Hellman

    Personal narrative about a divorced, formerly intermarried woman who realizes that religion does matter, and hopes that her grown children will find a way to the Jewish education and spiritual feelings she never gave them as children.

    Date: 07-26-2007
  • The Gift of God: How My Relationship with My Daughter Led Me to Religious Observance

    By Nina Amir Lacey

    The personal narrative of a woman who decided, with her non-Jewish husband, to raise her children Jewish, and was able to expose Judaism to Christian step-children as well.

    Date: 07-24-2007

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