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Divorce and Step-Family

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  • Happily Acknowledging Both Easter and Passover, in Our Own Special Way

    By Marlena Thompson

    Personal narrative by an intermarried Jewish woman who leads a Passover seder for her family each year, but also gives her autistic daughter an Easter basket.

    Date: 11-16-2006
  • A Conversation with Filmmaker Pascale Bailly

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Profile and conversation with Pascale Bailly, the director of God Is Great, I’m Not.

    Date: 05-03-2007
  • An Intermarriage and a Struggling Teen

    By Gil Mann

    A child of divorced interfaith parents writes a letter to Gil Mann, author of a Jewish E-mail column, questioning his faith in God and Gil Mann gives helpful advice in his letter of response.

    Date: 08-14-2007
  • Why Aren't We More Like Tevye?

    By Felice Indinoli Bochman

    Personal narrative from a Jewish/Catholic woman trying to figure out how to respond to her daughter’s questions about Judaism.  

    Date: 08-07-2007
  • Advice for Separated Interfaith Couples

    By Rabbi Arthur P. Nemitoff

    Advice from a rabbi to partners from divorced interfaith couples.

    Date: 07-27-2007
  • My Choice

    By Tara Remick

    The personal narrative of a woman of interfaith parents who began searching for God after the her father became terminally ill during her teenage years.

    Date: 08-14-2007
  • "Once and Again": A TV Series about a Divorced, Interfaith Couple

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Review of "Once and Again," a television show about a divorced interfaith family.

    Date: 01-22-2007
  • The Ex Factor

    By Laurie Nodie

    Personal narrative from a Catholic woman who married a Jewish man and continued to raise his son Jewish, but also introduced him to secular Christian rituals, to the ex-wife’s dismay.

    Date: 07-27-2007
  • A Conversation with Filmmaker Heidi Emberling

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Profile of Heidi Emberling, who directed a documentary called Tangled Roots about her own Jewish identity struggle.

    Date: 05-03-2007
  • Pray It Again, Kid: Blessings from a Precocious Child

    By Janet Silver Ghent

    Personal narrative from a secular Jewish grandma who rediscovered Judaism--after her daughter converted to Christianity.

    Date: 07-27-2007

Showing 51 to 60 of 130