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Divorce and Step-Family

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  • Building a Closer Family

    By Seth Bobrow

    Working on his family cabin with his mom and step-dad gave him a sense of responsibility and adult mastery.

    Date: 02-01-2010
  • My Family's Bedtime Sh'ma

    By Dr. Cheryl Axelrod

    Several years ago, I never could have predicted that as I tuck my kids in at night I would be singing to them in Hebrew. As a previously "good Catholic girl," Hebrew just wasn't my reality. But as I married a wonderful man, who happened to be Jewish, it now is the most natural and beautiful way I can think of to say goodnight to our children.

    Date: 11-10-2011
  • From Terrible Conversation To Intermarriage Realization

    By Emily JH Kruskol

    At a friend's house, a conversation attacking intermarriage becomes a chance to defend her family's choices - and a chance to tell family members she's proud they're Jews.

    Date: 10-25-2012

Showing 81 to 83 of 83