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Extended Family Relationships

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  • Israel and Us

    By Deborah Fineblum Raub

    Personal narrative from an intermarried Jewish woman describing her frustration at her husband’s cool attitude toward Israel, until their children all visited/moved there--now both share intense concern for the well-being of Israel and Israel

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • Overcoming Our Religious Differences

    By Madhavi Kushner

    Personal narrative from a non-Jewish atheist who dealt with questions from her own family, and worries from her husband’s Jewish family.

    Date: 11-13-2006
  • Making Religious Choices for Our Children

    By Arlene Sarah Chernow

    An advice article discussing how to make religious decisions for children of interfaith parents and revealing common misconceptions of interfaith families.

    Date: 07-24-2007
  • Albert Einstein and Lasagna: Our Daughter's Jewish-Italian Bat Mitzvah

    By Deborah Freeman

    Personal narrative about the preparations for an interfaith family’s secular Bat Mitzvah, in which her step-brother and father’s Catholicism played a meaningful role.

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • Turning the Dilemma into a Tradition

    By Jemi Kostiner Mansfield

    Personal narrative by a woman who is raising Jewish kids, and plans to instill such a strong Jewish identity in them that having a Christmas tree will not damage, but rather strengthen, that identity. 

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

    By Rabbi Bruce Kadden

    Professional view by a rabbi and advice for couples in handling their parents’ desire to control the wedding planning.

    Date: 07-31-2006
  • Mixed Blessings: Creating Positive Interfaith, Interracial, and Interethnic Relationships

    By Marlena Thompson

    Review of Mixed Matches: How to Create Successful Interracial, Interethnic, and Interfaith Relationships. By Joel Crohn, Ph. D, examines different models of intermarriage that are not only religously disparate, but culturally as well.

    Date: 01-17-2007
  • An Invaluable Resource for Grandparents of Interfaith Children: A Review of Mingled Roots

    By Catherine Fischer

    Review of Mingled Roots: A Guide for Grandparents of Interfaith Children, praising the book on its creative ideas for activities grandparents can do with their grandchildren, in which differences in faith will not be an issue.

    Date: 09-20-2007
  • Jewish Knowledge Reaches Deep into Howard Dean's Past--and His Home

    By Matthew E. Berger

    Interview with Howard Dean that focuses on his intermarriage, his knowledge and practicing of Jewish culture and rituals, and the local Jewish community’s response.

    Date: 02-20-2007
  • Leading the Way Through Unfamiliar Terrain: The Bar Mitzvah Year

    By Gina Hagler

    Personal narrative from a Jew-by-choice who shares her advice from a stressful year of planning her son’s bar mitzvah.

    Date: 06-23-2006

Showing 101 to 110 of 332