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Extended Family Relationships

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  • Part Three in a Series of Reviews of Books for Christians about Judaism: Review of Introducing My Faith and My Community

    By Cheryl F. Coon

    Review of Introducing My Faith and My Community, by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, a welcoming guide about Judaism’s toughest questions for interfaith couples and families.

    Date: 01-17-2007
  • Not Your Typical Jewish Family

    By Johanna Karasik

    Personal narrative about a daughter of divorced interfaith parents whose father decided to hold a Hanukkah/Shabbat celebration and wanted her to teach their multi-faith extended family about Jewish traditions.   

    Date: 08-09-2006
  • A Baby-Naming That Made Me Cry: Olivia's Ceremony

    By Melissa Desjardins

    The baby-naming was everything she'd hoped: it was fully Jewish and honored her Catholic husband and his family.

    Date: 11-25-2009
  • The Pain of Religious Differences in the Family and the Healing Power of Love

    By Martha Little

    Personal narrative from a non-Jewish woman remembering her first experience meeting her Jewish future sister-in-law

    Date: 11-14-2006
  • Expanded Line

    By Paulette Mann

    Personal narrative about a grandparent who chooses to accept her children’s choices and make the best of it.

    Date: 12-05-2006
  • Bagels, Lox and Easter Ham

    By Dana Hagenbuch

    Personal narrative about a couple that plans to share the Italian and Jewish heritages they each come from.

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • Wax and Tinsel

    By Joelle Asaro Berman

    Personal narrative about a young woman’s family’s traditions of celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah in the home, since December holidays are really all about family and food.

    Date: 08-10-2006
  • Working Out Our Wedding Ceremony Led to Working Out Our Marriage

    By Mindy McMahon

    Personal narrative article about how a Jewish-Catholic couple, despite opposition from both families, married in a ceremony which worked for everyone.

    Date: 08-11-2006
  • When Intermarriage in the Extended Family Affects Our Religious Observance

    By Nancy Reuben Greenfield

    Personal narrative about how an observant family went to visit an intermarried, non-religious family over Shabbat, and their internal and (thanks to their child) verbal debate over whether to "do as the Romans do", or insist on observing th

    Date: 11-09-2006
  • A Jewish Mother's Advice

    By Miriam Weinstein

    Personal narrative about how "it’s as easy to fall in love with someone who is Jewish as with someone who isn’t"... but it’s much more convenient to fall in love with a Jew!

    Date: 11-16-2006

Showing 141 to 150 of 325