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Extended Family Relationships

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  • The Bar/Bat Mitzvah: A Rite of Passage for the Whole Family

    By Dr. Judith Davis

    Professional advice on how bar/bat mizvah marks a time of transition for the whole family, not just the twelve or thirteen year-old:  the parents’ relationship with each other has matured, the grandparents are getting older, and these

    Date: 08-11-2006
  • Keep the Faith; Share the Food

    By Ilene Springer

    Personal narrative about the power of ethnic food and culinary traditions to bond interfaith familes, since "The good thing about food is that it usually has little to do with doctrine."

    Date: 08-03-2006
  • One for Your High Holidays Check List: "Welcoming the Stranger"

    By Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky

    Reprinted professional advice about how to make the Jewish community more welcoming to interfaith families, something that is important to think about especially around the High Holidays.

    Date: 08-03-2006
  • The Story of J: A Review of the Swedish Film Bit by Bit

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Review of Jonathan Metzger’s film Bit By Bit, about a Nintendo-obsessed Swedish Jewish boy, his non-Jewish girlfriend, and his family’s seder on the eve of a big Nintendo competition that he tries to keep secret.

    Date: 02-16-2007
  • Spending the High Holidays with the Interfaith Community

    By Julie Slotnik Sturm

    Personal narrative and general information about The Interfaith Community, a grass-roots, community-led Jewish community (with services and a school) in New York City.

    Date: 08-03-2006
  • A Stranger at the Table

    By Tim Rossi

    Personal narrative from an intermarried Catholic man about his love and appreciation for his wife’s family Passover seder. 

    Date: 08-04-2006
  • Star/Crossed: Jewish Stories from an Interfaith Life: Sisters, Set in Stone

    By Andi Rosenthal

    A personal narrative from an unmarried convert to Judaism who was godmother to her committed Catholic sister’s child.

    Date: 05-15-2007
  • The Gift We Couldn't Refuse

    By Diana Zankowsky

    Her mother-in-law really wanted her son's family to have a Christmas tree, so she chopped one down for them herself.

    Date: 12-05-2008
  • The Greatest Game: Playing Dreidel in Iowa

    By Susan Freudenheim

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman who visited--and at first feared--her husband’s devout Catholic family in Iowa.

    Date: 12-18-2006
  • Counting our Blessings at Thanksgiving

    By Karyn Cook Zafran

    Personal narrative from a Catholic woman hosting her parents and her Jewish in-laws for Thanksgiving for the first time.

    Date: 08-01-2012

Showing 221 to 230 of 323