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Extended Family Relationships

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  • How to Meet Your Great-Great-Grandparents: Filling In Your Interfaith Family Tree

    By Cynthia Spikell

    A Jewish genealogy expert gives an introduction to the tools for researching your family history.

    Date: 06-16-2010
  • The Seder Meal: A Cooking Marathon of Heroic Proportions

    By Tori Avey

    I've been cooking our family Passover seder meal for almost a decade, but this year will be my first time cooking it as a Jewish woman. Preparing a delicious, unleavened meal for fifty is not an easy task, but I learned how by not being afraid to make mistakes.

    Date: 03-15-2010
  • A Family Blessing With Sprinkles on Top

    By Michelle Effron Miller

    Daughter of an interfaith marriage, she is raising her children as Jews, but her brothers are not.

    Date: 08-22-2008
  • You Can't Plan for Everything

    By Dawn C. Kepler

    Advice from an outreach professional on Salt Cod on Shabbat, by Rachel Rockenmacher.

    Date: 03-05-2007
  • Joining Traditions

    By Benjamin A. Maron

    We tend to dwell on what it's like for parents when their children intermarry. What about what it's like for children whose parents enter a second, interfaith marriage?

    Date: 02-12-2010
  • Brother Knows Best?

    By Adam Wills

    Personal narrative from a committed Jewish man about his converted Catholic brother’s adventures in dating and exploring Judaism.

    Date: 11-13-2007
  • Excerpts from Surviving

    By Akira Ohiso

    He hadn't known that his maternal grandfather had been a silent Jew. Now he was in love with a Jewish woman and working as a social worker with Holocaust survivors.

    Date: 02-24-2009
  • Comforting Mourners in Interfaith Families

    By Lois Rubin

    Jewish mourning practices can be psychologically helpful to people who have lost parents, even when those parents aren't Jewish.

    Date: 04-30-2010
  • Seven Days and a Funeral

    By Lula Jones

    A non-Jew is thrown into Jewish burial and mourning customs when her grandfather-in-law dies.

    Date: 09-09-2008
  • Shalom, Havana! Jewish Cuba with my Catholic Mother-in-Law

    By Dana Reynolds

    Another story about how great in-laws in interfaith families can be, and how much we appreciate them when they are.

    Date: 08-05-2010

Showing 251 to 260 of 332