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Extended Family Relationships

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  • It's Complicated-- My Orthodox Synagogue's Welcome for My Interfaith Family

    By Juliet Stamperdahl

    I cannot lie to you and say that we were encouraged to marry or that the policies of the synagogue embrace or validate our union. I can say, however, that we are definitely treated by the community like we belong there.

    Date: 01-05-2010
  • Food Brings Us Together

    By Andrea Marks Carneiro

    Our two families connect through eating and this helps my child celebrate her Jewish and Brazilian heritage.

    Date: 12-02-2009
  • My Sister Opens Doors For Me

    By Justina Colon

    Justina, who is Catholic, has a close relationship with her sister Paula, who converted to Judaism after her daughter was born.

    Date: 11-18-2008
  • Dear Jesus and the Accident Year

    By Chaim Sodi

    I was 9 years old. I knew how to write my name in Hebrew and definitely understood the difference between Judaism and Christianity.

    Date: 11-06-2008
  • All Who Are Hungry, Come And Eat

    By Susan Goldberg

    My mom was a big feeder of people. When I started dating Rachel, whose parents and siblings were scattered across the globe, I think my mom felt the need to feed her, too. That's how they bonded.

    Date: 03-09-2009
  • At the Crossroads

    By Andi Rosenthal

    Her relatives didn't realize that they had invited her to witness their marriage in church on the Day of Atonement.

    Date: 10-08-2008
  • Talking About Religion? Watch Your Language!

    By Charlotte Gordon

    The five children of her parents' interfaith marriage have made different choices, so they have to be careful about how they talk about Judaism and Christianity.

    Date: 01-13-2009
  • Bat Mitzvah... Then What?

    By Hedi Molnar

    A Jewish daughter of Holocaust survivors and her Italian Catholic husband are extremely proud of their Jewish Chinese daughter for continuing her Jewish education.

    Date: 10-24-2008
  • Divorce, Interfaith Style

    By Margery Rose-Clapp

    Her divorce was amicable, but she wondered what role religion played in it--especially when her ex-husband seemed less than enthusiastic about taking their daughter to Shabbat services.

    Date: 06-08-2009
  • Talking About Death and Mourning

    By InterfaithFamily

    A packet of articles on death and mourning in interfaith families to stimulate discussion, with values-clarification questions included.

    Date: 12-28-2009

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