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  • Thoughts on Being a Bubbie

    By Mae Rockland Tupa

    Personal narrative by a bubbie (Jewish grandmother), all of whose grandchildren are being raised as Jews, despite changes in a family complexion due to divorce and intermarriage.

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • Making From Generation to Generation Meaningful for ALL Grandparents

    By Eve Coulson

    Personal narrative about a grandparent who supported her daughter's choice to not only raise her children in a different religion (Judaism), but also to choose Judaism for herself.

    Date: 08-17-2006
  • Thoughts on Grandparenting a Christian Grandchild

    By Paula Lee Hellman

    Personal narrative about the religious journeys of some interfaith grandparents, who become more religiously observant in their older age, and want to share that Jewish spirituality with their grandchildren.

    Date: 12-05-2006
  • When Your Child Intermarries

    By Phoebe Kerness

    Professional view article about what grandparents can and can’t do about the religious upbringing of their grandchildren, and some questions to aid Jewish grandparents in determining the most important aspects of their Jewish identities to co

    Date: 12-03-2006
  • Learning to Forgive Myself

    By Marlene Beach

    Article about woman who struggles with accepting her intermarried children’s choices to actively participate as Christians and to raise their children as Christians.

    Date: 12-03-2006
  • Grandparents as Spiritual Guides for the Family

    By Janet Strassman Perlmutter

    Reprinted professional view article about grandparents’ role as spiritual guides.

    Date: 12-22-2006
  • Dear Wendy: Christmas or Hanukkah Gifts?

    By Wendy Weltman Palmer

    Advice article to grandmother not sure whether to give her Christian grandchildren Hanukkah or Christmas presents.

    Date: 08-17-2006
  • Broken Line

    By Paulette Mann

    Personal narrative by a Jewish grandma of grandchildren who are being raised Catholic, expressing her feelings of unease and discomfort about the situation.

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • Dispatch from the Institute: Grandparenting Your Interfaith Grandkids 101

    By The Jewish Outreach Institute

    Professional view from the Jewish Outreach Institute about how to grandparent effectively.

    Date: 08-17-2006
  • Jacob's Family and Ours

    By Paula Lee Hellman

    Personal narrative about a Jewish grandmother of a Christian grandchild who "find[s] common ground"  and makes time to spend with her grandchild, through literature, activity, and games.

    Date: 11-21-2006

Showing 1 to 10 of 141