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Growing Up in an Interfaith Family

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  • Welcoming Interfaith and All Kids to Our Inter-Denominational Jewish Summer Camp

    By Ken Kramarz

    Director of a Jewish camp describes his approach to interfaith families and how the camp integrates Judaism into its curriculum.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Shmoozin' with Makua Kai Rothman A Jewish-Hawaiian Professional Surfer

    By Lindsey Silken

    The best surfer in the world is a 23-year-old Hawaiian-Jewish dude who got a mezuzah for his door when he went to Israel.

    Date: 08-04-2008
  • Thanksgiving, 2001

    By Paula Lee Hellman

    Personal narrative from a woman describing how her Thanksgiving dinner has changed over the years--in terms of those in attendance and location where it’s held--yet the sentiment of thankfulness and American pride remains the same.

    Date: 08-10-2006
  • Facing Loss in an Interfaith Family: A Workshop for Congregations

    By Rabbi Carl Perkins

    Professional advice from a rabbi on how to approach the gray areas surrounding burial, belief, and ritual when deciding how to bury and commemorate a loved one in an interfaith family.  Also, a description of traditional Jewish

    Date: 11-14-2006
  • Jews and Jello

    By Shana Franklin

    Reprinted article by child of interfaith parents describing the ways in which her mother, who converted to Judaism, incorporated important, "magical" parts of Christianity such as the Easter bunny and Santa Claus, into her kids’

    Date: 08-09-2006
  • Social Science and the Intermarriage Debate

    By Edmund Case

    Reprinted professional view from Ed Case contrasting the anti-outreach conclusions of Sylvia Barack Fishman’s social scientific study to "other available information," including the personal narratives collected for an essay contest b

    Date: 11-21-2006
  • Why the Jewish Community Needs to Change Its Approach to Intermarriage

    By Charlotte Honigman-Smith

    Opinion piece and personal narrative from a young woman presenting herself as an example of how Jewishly involved children and spouses in interfaith families and intermarriages not only can be, but already are. 

    Date: 07-31-2006
  • When "Half-Jews" Marry Jews

    By Alexandra J. Wall

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman who married a "half-Jewish" man on her Intro to Judaism class and her open-minded welcoming rabbi.

    Date: 10-20-2006
  • A Parent's Job Is to Give "Roots and Wings"

    By Sandra (Sandy) Anderson

    Personal narrative from an intermarried woman who wishes her kids would marry Jews, but who believes that they will make good choices, regardless of whom they marry.

    Date: 11-16-2006
  • Developing a Vision of the Future of Asian-Jewish Families

    By Hedi Molnar

    A new study of intermarriage between Jews and Asians prompts an examination of the status of Asian Jewish families.

    Date: 05-27-2009

Showing 171 to 180 of 473