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Growing Up in an Interfaith Family

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  • Christmukkah…?

    By Jordyn Rozensky

    So, I ask you-- can a strong Jewish household celebrate a very not Jewish holiday? How do you navigate your own feelings?

    Date: 12-02-2011
  • Mourner's Kaddish as a Source of Comfort

    By Paula Rosenberg

    Each year on the anniversary of her father's death, she feels the strength of the Jewish community supporting her through her grief.

    Date: 01-18-2012
  • Afros and Yiddish and Soul Food… Oy Vey!

    By Allison Foilb and Emily Wallen

    Review of Rain Pryor's one woman show, Fried Chicken and Latkes, about growing up Jewish and Black.

    Date: 05-03-2012
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs For The Interfaith Family

    This beautiful booklet will explain the wonderful milestone marking adulthood, the bar mitzvah (for a boy) or bat mitzvah (for a girl), a life cycle event taking place at the age of 13.

    Date: 05-29-2012
  • From Terrible Conversation To Intermarriage Realization

    By Emily JH Kruskol

    At a friend's house, a conversation attacking intermarriage becomes a chance to defend her family's choices - and a chance to tell family members she's proud they're Jews.

    Date: 10-25-2012
  • Parenting and the Joy for Jewish

    By Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy

    An intermarried couple's parenting philosophy, when it comes to religion and finding one's own identity.

    Date: 11-07-2012
  • Eight Nights of Hanukkah Family Time

    By Galit Breen

    Since Hanukkah was about spending time together when I was a kid, that's what we're doing with our family now.

    Date: 11-29-2012
  • Going Under, Letting Go

    By Audrey Etlinger

    Why a patrilineal Jew decided to formally convert to Judaism (go to the mikveh, go before a beit din) even though she already felt Jewish.

    Date: 06-22-2012
  • My Kosher-For-Passover Easter Dinner

    By Marisa Elana James

    When two religions share one home, can an Easter dinner feel authentic while also meeting Passover's dietary restrictions?

    Date: 02-24-2013
  • Matzo Ball Soup: Flavoring Many Traditions

    By Jordyn Rozensky

    There are many great mazto ball soup cooks in the family, and none of them are Jewish.

    Date: 03-08-2013

Showing 361 to 370 of 473