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Growing Up in an Interfaith Family

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  • Not Contagious

    By Jennifer Jennings

    Growing up Jewish in an interfaith family, she was worried she might catch Christianity. Finally, as a young adult in divinity school, she's learned to relax.

    Date: 04-12-2010
  • What Do You Mean I'm Not a Jew?

    By Rachel Sarah

    A reader challenged the author, a patrilineal Jew, about wanting to date only Jewish men.

    Date: 03-19-2009
  • Adopted and Part of an Interfaith Family

    By Rebecca Yackley

    I don't look Jewish, but I am. My mom is, too, and my dad is Catholic. My interfaith family life is

    Date: 02-19-2010
  • Jewish Like Me

    By Deborah Susser

    Who knows better whether she's Jewish--her family and her rabbi, or some random person on the street?

    Date: 09-04-2008
  • My Sister Opens Doors For Me

    By Justina Colon

    Justina, who is Catholic, has a close relationship with her sister Paula, who converted to Judaism after her daughter was born.

    Date: 11-18-2008
  • My Father, A Self-Hating Jew

    By Charlotte Gordon

    Her father never told her that he came from a Jewish family, but it was only one of the many ways he was dishonest.

    Date: 09-17-2008
  • Grown Up Halfsies

    By Stacey Palevsky

    News article about adult children of intermarriage in the San Francisco area--and what they want from the Jewish community.

    Date: 12-26-2007
  • Dear Jesus and the Accident Year

    By Chaim Sodi

    I was 9 years old. I knew how to write my name in Hebrew and definitely understood the difference between Judaism and Christianity.

    Date: 11-06-2008
  • Finding My Father

    By Paula Rosenberg

    As Father's Day approaches, the author thinks about her father. This was the first year she said Kaddish for him as a Jew.

    Date: 06-19-2009
  • Talking About Religion? Watch Your Language!

    By Charlotte Gordon

    The five children of her parents' interfaith marriage have made different choices, so they have to be careful about how they talk about Judaism and Christianity.

    Date: 01-13-2009

Showing 91 to 100 of 473