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  • Reform Leader's Swipe Sparks Angry Rebuttals from Conservatives

    By Joe Berkofsky

    Reprinted news article about a contentious essay written by Rabbi Paul Menitoff predicting the disappearance of the Conservative movement in a matter of decades because of the polarization of American Jewry, and the movement’s "opposition to in

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • Interfaith Seder

    By Lyssa Friedman

    Personal narrative about the successful interfaith Passover seder one woman and her partner threw.

    Date: 08-07-2006
  • Call Me Old Fashioned, But...

    By C. Andrew Martin

    Personal narrative by the non-Jewish partner of a rabbi describing his experiences in synagogue, and his thoughts about the obligations of his unique relationship.

    Date: 01-08-2007
  • Wedding Preparation from a Different Angle

    By Neil Kominsky

    A review of Beyond Breaking the Glass, a book about wedding planning from the perspective of Reform Judaism that discusses some of the more obscure customs, as well as the issues of same-sex and interfaith marriages.

    Date: 06-15-2007
  • Everything We Know about What Jews Look Like Is Wrong

    By Karen Kushner

    A woman discusses the changing faces of Judaism and the increased diversity within the faith.

    Date: 06-12-2007
  • Network Strives to Embrace Jews of All Races, Ethnicities

    By Mica Rosenberg

    A news article about multicultural families in the Jewish community and the organizations that are reaching out to such families.

    Date: 06-18-2007
  • Strangers to the Tribe: Portraits of Interfaith Marriage

    By Susan Katz Miller

    Review of Susan Katz Millerís Strangers to the Tribe: Portraits of Interfaith Marriage, a collection of profiles of different types of intermarried couples.

    Date: 12-21-2006
  • Eytan Fox Pops Tel Aviv's Bubble

    By Michael Fox

    Professional advice†from rabbi who explains how his policies toward non-Jewish families regarding Bar or Bat Mitzvah and other matters have changed as he has gotten to know non-Jews who are committed to the Jewish identity of their children.

    Date: 10-16-2007
  • The Ocean Between Us

    By Jake Miller

    Personal narrative from†a gay man whose longterm relationship with one man ended partly due to religious differences and who now wonders whether if he has a bashert, if that bashert is definitely Jewish.

    Date: 11-16-2006
  • American As Apple Pie

    By Susan C. Richard

    Personal narrative about a gay womanís interfaith hetero- and homo-sexual relationships, and her journey back to Judaism.

    Date: 07-26-2007

Showing 31 to 40 of 78