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  • A Bridge Too Far? The Namesake and the Intermarriage Question

    By Suzanne Koven

    Review of The Namesake, about a young Indian-American man’s search for identity and love, and how it relates to the issue of intermarriage in the Jewish community.

    Date: 06-18-2007
  • Demographic Solutions

    By Rabbi Michael Boyden

    Reprinted news article about one rabbi’s plan of action to prevent intermarriage and interfaith marriage in Israel from becoming a serious problem:  education, accessibility to conversion, and outreach to the non-Jewish populations of Isreal.

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • In the Mix: Gentile Women And The S Word

    By Julie Wiener

    The author thought that the term shiksa had fallen into disuse, but it's still around.

    Date: 04-16-2009
  • A Newfound Love and a Lost Friendship

    By Heather Subba

    Personal narrative from a Reform Jewish woman whose Orthodox friend strongly disapproved of her relationship with a non-Jew.

    Date: 06-06-2007
  • God Is Great, I'm Not: A Review

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Review of God is Great; I’m Not, about an interfaith relationship that grows rocky when the Catholic girlfriend’s interest in Judaism grows in contrast to her Jewish boyfriend’s identity conflict and personal shame.

    Date: 01-22-2007
  • Solo Loeb Seeks a Duet--on Camera

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    Profile on Lisa Loeb whose tv reality show displays the Jewish woman/celebrity looking for a husband.

    Date: 06-18-2007
  • Counseling Interfaith Couples Who Want Me to Marry Them

    By Rev. Yvonne V. Schaudt

    Professional view by a minister discussing how she immediately hurls the hard questions--conversion and children--at interfaith couples who want her to marry them because she believes that these questions are essential to work out before

    Date: 11-14-2006
  • Conservative Survey Shows Ramah Kids Have More Frum

    By Julie Wiener

    Reprinted news article about the great effectiveness of the Conservative movement’s Ramah sleep-away camps, based on a survey of the religious commitment and attachment to Israel of 1,273 North American teens whose families belong to Conse

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • From the Readers: What Has Meant to Me

    By InterfaithFamily

    A collection of testimonials about interfaithfamily.comís impact on readers, professionals and writers for the occasion of its 100th issue.

    Date: 05-24-2007
  • Visiting Israel--a Land I Feel a Strong Bond with, but Where I am not Considered a Jew

    By Adam Case

    Personal narrative of a young man from an interfaith family describing how his experience visiting Israel was colored by his realization that, as a patrilineal Jew, he is not recognized as Jewish there.

    Date: 07-27-2006

Showing 131 to 140 of 252