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Interracial and Intercultural Relationships

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  • Of Shalom and Om

    By Heather Subba

    Personal narrative from a secular Jewish woman married to a Hindu man on how she seeks the universal application of Jewish holidays.

    Date: 06-21-2007
  • Interdating in a Foreign Land

    By Marilyn Green

    Personal narrative from an interdating woman living in Japan, describing her Passover observance with her new Catholic Argentinian boyfriend.

    Date: 11-16-2006
  • "Lost Tribe" Emigres from India Adjust to Life after Making Aliyah

    By Jessica Steinberg

    A news article about an man who recently immigrated to Jerusalem as part of Bnei Menashe, a community in India that believes it descended from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

    Date: 06-15-2007
  • In Israel, Pressure Builds to Find Alternatives to Orthodox Marriage

    By Dina Kraft

    Reprinted news and general information article about the frustrations of liberal and secular Israelis at Israel’s stringent marriage laws.  There are no civil unions in Israel, and only Orthodox ceremonies constitute legal marriages,

    Date: 11-27-2006
  • In Europe, Passion Is Panned--but Still Breaks Box-Office Records

    By Ruth Gruber

    Reprinted news article about the film The Passion of the Christ and how it was received by different groups in various European countries. 

    Date: 07-20-2006
  • Jewish, Arab MKs Slam Order to Deny Citizenship to Children of Israeli-Palestinian Couples

    By Dan Izenberg

    Reprinted news article about controversy over a new Israeli law that grants automatic citizenship to children of interfaith Israeli-Palestinian parents.

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • How Can We Solidify Intermarried Families' Commitment to Israel?

    By Sarah Tauber

    Opinion from an intermarried Jewish woman living in Europe talking about the links she sees between European anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, and the importance of educating and actively engaging non-Jewish spouses in Jewish communal affairs, including

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • A Trumpet in the Wadi

    By Ronnie Friedland

    Review of the Israeli film A Trumpet in the Wadi  about a romance between a Christian-Arab woman and a Jewish man.

    Date: 01-22-2007
  • A Mother's Pride

    By Susan Freudenheim

    Personal narrative from the mother of an adopted Asian girl talking about watching her daughter take part in temple services.

    Date: 11-20-2006
  • Expanding the Face of Jewish Education

    By Elana Kahn-Oren

    A news article about the Jewish Multicultural Project and their attempts to educate the Jewish community about the migration of the Jewish people and about Jews of color today.

    Date: 06-18-2007

Showing 161 to 170 of 307