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Interracial and Intercultural Relationships

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  • Gathering as a Community

    By Charlotte Honigman-Smith

    Personal narrative from an interdating woman about the the darker side of Rosh Hashanah, and its resonance with her thoughts the year after September 11, and in the midst of the intifada in Israel. 

    Date: 08-02-2006
  • A Review of Adoption and the Jewish Family: Contemporary Perspectives

    By Richard Shevitz

    Review of Shelley Kapnek Rosenberg’s book Adoption and the Jewish Family, which reviewer finds to be helpful, though extremely emotional and subjective.

    Date: 11-05-2006
  • Don't Think of Me as Different--I'm Not

    By Rachel Core

    Personal narrative from a fifth grade Jewish girl who was born in China and gets a bit annoyed when people give her weird looks for being a Chinese Jew.

    Date: 11-20-2006
  • What We Can Learn from Cuban Jews

    By Dr. Ruth Nemzoff

    Op-ed from a Jewish woman about how welcoming Jewish communities in other parts of the world are--and how American institutions could learn a thing or two from them.

    Date: 01-25-2007
  • Making Peace with the Dead

    By Milly Dawson

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman married to an African-American man trying to come to terms with her icy relationship with her husband’s late mother.

    Date: 04-05-2007
  • Jew Class and Korean Pancakes

    By Danielle Leeds

    On our first date I told him, if you are not open to eventual conversion to Judaism, this can go no further. It's a wonder there was ever a second date with that as my kicky opener.

    Date: 06-03-2008
  • Israeli Arab Stirs the Pot with Absurdist Film on Middle East

    By Tom Tugend

    Review of Divine Intervention, about three Israelis bound by love but separated by borders and checkpoints.

    Date: 05-21-2007
  • Seeing Israel with Different Eyes--Jewish and Arab

    By Shoshana Hebshi-Holt

    Reprinted personal narrative from the daughter of an interfaith family--her dad is Saudi while her mom is Eastern European Jewish--and her unique Arab-Jewish-American perspective on Israel and Arab-Israeli relations.

    Date: 07-27-2006
  • Shooting a Film and Repairing a Complicated Mother-Daughter Relationship: A Review of Shooting Water

    By Sneha Sastry

    Review of Shooting Water, a memoir from Devyani Saltzman, daughter of acclaimed Indian filmmaker Deepa Mehta and a Jewish father.

    Date: 09-29-2006
  • Coming Out to My Co-Workers

    By Rachel Rockenmacher

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman who had no problem telling her parents about her marriage to a Catholic man--but had a hard time telling her co-workers in the Jewish professional world.

    Date: 06-01-2007

Showing 171 to 180 of 280