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Interracial and Intercultural Relationships

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  • From Terrible Conversation To Intermarriage Realization

    By Emily JH Kruskol

    At a friend's house, a conversation attacking intermarriage becomes a chance to defend her family's choices - and a chance to tell family members she's proud they're Jews.

    Date: 10-25-2012
  • Weddings for the Interfaith Couple

    Our updated booklet, Weddings for the Interfaith Couples, is full of explanations, tips, resources, and more.

    Date: 11-19-2012
  • An Extended Love

    By Heather Subba

    Being in an interfaith and intercultural relationship can come with both challenges and rewards, and learning to embrace them can be its own reward.

    Date: 01-03-2013
  • Naming the Stranger: A Defining Interfaith Moment

    By Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael

    Behold, the power of a name! What we can learn from the biblical 'ger toshav,' the stranger who dwells among us, when preparing for an interfaith wedding.

    Date: 01-29-2013
  • Giving a Hand

    By Milton Davis

    An American Jew and a Turkish Muslim become friends, like family really, while finding common ground.

    Date: 04-19-2013
  • MetaMaus: Look Inside a Classic

    By Benjamin A. Maron

    Reviewing MetaMaus, an inside look at the making of, and lives that have impacted/been impacted by, Art Spiegelman's Maus.

    Date: 11-29-2011
  • Tzedakah Loves Company

    By Heather Subba

    In my interfaith partnership, life has been filled with surprises. Family visits are one of these surprises. Every year for six months, my Nepali in-laws come to live with my husband, me and our two small children.

    Date: 09-11-2013
  • Female Comes First

    By Heather Subba

    No matter their race, ethnicity, or religion, women are connected by past and current societal roles and life experiences.

    Date: 10-30-2013
  • Celebrating the Beauty of a Hindu-Jewish Fusion Wedding

    By Shelley A. Sackett

    The story behind the union of a Hindu woman and Jewish man whose wedding celebrated both of their heritages.

    Date: 02-06-2014
  • The Lone Muslim at Passover Camp

    By Rameez Abbas

    Rameez describes her experience at Passover Camp, and being the only Muslim among Jews.

    Date: 05-14-2014

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