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Interracial and Intercultural Relationships

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  • Stumbling into an Interfaith Identity in Spain

    By Rebecca Cohen

    Personal narrative by the daughter of interfaith parents describing how her interfaith identity affected her appreciation of Catholic events during her stay in Granada, Spain.

    Date: 12-19-2006
  • Mixed Blessings: Creating Positive Interfaith, Interracial, and Interethnic Relationships

    By Marlena Thompson

    Review of Mixed Matches: How to Create Successful Interracial, Interethnic, and Interfaith Relationships. By Joel Crohn, Ph. D, examines different models of intermarriage that are not only religously disparate, but culturally as well.

    Date: 01-17-2007
  • Modigliani Examines the Jewish Painter’s Tempestuous Life and Death

    By Tom Tugend

    Review of Modigliani, a film based on the life of Italian Jewish painter Amedeo Modigliani.

    Date: 02-13-2007
  • Different Religions, Same Guilt

    By Susan Katz

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman relating the guilt she and her equally non-observant Muslim husband feel about not paying attention to Ramadan or Yom Kippur.

    Date: 09-12-2006
  • Jewish Grandma Tells All

    By Eleanor Jaffe

    Personal narrative about a Jewish grandmother’s relationship with her intermarried daughter, and her assessment of what her role should be in her grandchildren’s reilgious upbringing.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • A Seder Far, Far Away: Passover in Bahrain

    By Susan Eisner Eley

    Personal narrative about an intermarried Jewish woman celebrating Passover in Bahrain.

    Date: 08-10-2006
  • A Quilt? A Stew? Who Are We, Anyway?

    By Linda Arking

    Personal narrative about how one mutli-cultural and multi-faith family celebrates Thanksgiving:  with food from each culture, reminiscences about the family’s and recipes’ origins, and lots of talk about thankfulness.

    Date: 11-20-2006
  • Thank God My Husband Is a Former Presbyterian/Quaker Agnostic

    By Sue Eisenfeld

    Personal narrative from an intermarried Jewish woman who says her Jewish identity is in her religious practice, it’s in her salivary glands, her genes, her brain and her temperament.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Coming to Terms with My Son's Choices

    By Sallie Teitelbaum Castleman

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman whose son married a Hindu Indian woman and is raising their son in both religions.

    Date: 07-19-2006
  • My Big Fat Jewish Dominican Wedding

    By Aliza Hausman

    When she became Jewish, she didn't stop being Dominican--how could their wedding respect both of their cultures?

    Date: 10-17-2008

Showing 81 to 90 of 307