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Interracial and Intercultural Relationships

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  • Interfaith Marriages Bring Variety to Holidays

    By Susie L. Oh

    Reprinted news article about the growing number of interfaith families and how their children feel that having interfaith parents is normal.

    Date: 08-14-2007
  • Diversity of Color Shines Through Black and White Photo Exhibit

    By Shoshana Hebshi-Holt

    A news article about the interracial, multi-cultural Jewish families that participated in Camp Tawonga’s Mosaic Multiracial Family Weekend.

    Date: 06-18-2007
  • Pizza, Noodles and Latkes

    By Hedi Molnar

    Personal narrative from a Jewish woman who is raising her Chinese daughters Jewish with her Italian-Catholic husband.

    Date: 11-20-2006
  • Nation Divided: Coping With Racism in the Jewish Community

    By Aliza Hausman

    Like many Jews of color, the author sometimes has to represent all people of color in Jewish social situations.

    Date: 09-11-2008
  • Proud "Jewpanese" Americans

    By Paul Golin

    The personal narrative of a man who works for the Jewish Outreach Institute and plans to use his experience with the organization to raise children with a knowledge of their mother’s Japanese heritage and their father’s Jewish-American roots.

    Date: 06-18-2007
  • Why the Jewish Community Needs to Change Its Approach to Intermarriage

    By Charlotte Honigman-Smith

    Opinion piece and personal narrative from a young woman presenting herself as an example of how Jewishly involved children and spouses in interfaith families and intermarriages not only can be, but already are. 

    Date: 07-31-2006
  • Cheese Blintzes: An Adoptee Discovers Her Jewish Roots

    By Dina Beach Lynch

    Personal narrative by an adopted woman whose Catholic parents ignored her birth mother’s wish that she be raised Jewish, nevertheless, the woman always "felt" Jewish growing up, and continues on a journey to become a learned 

    Date: 11-06-2006
  • In India, Every Day Is Mother's Day

    By Susan Katz

    The personal narrative of a Jewish American woman on her marriage to a Muslim man from India and her ethnically diverse extended family.

    Date: 06-18-2007
  • Does OK Really Mean OK?

    By Julia Gutman

    Personal narrative from an ethnically Jewish Buddhist about the linguistic difficulties she has in disagreements with her Tibetan Buddhist husband.

    Date: 08-01-2012
  • Born Without a Name

    By Tiffany Collins

    Personal narrative from a woman whose mother is an Israeli Jew and whose father is an Iranian Muslim.

    Date: 08-15-2007

Showing 91 to 100 of 307