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  • Writing Our Own Hagaddah

    By Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

    Personal narrative about an intermarried woman who writes a hagaddah with friends so that she, her husband, and their friends will all feel comfortable with the seder.

    Date: 08-07-2006
  • How My Jewish Boyfriend Resisted My Desire to Convert

    By Angela Garber

    A personal narrative from one woman who chooses to convert despite her Jewish boyfriend’s lack of enthusiasm.

    Date: 06-11-2007
  • How I Officiate at Interfaith Marriages

    By Rabbi Helen Nakdimen

    Professional view from a rabbi about her unique brand of interfaith wedding ceremonies, which include personalized mystical symbols of earth, wind, fire, and water.

    Date: 08-21-2006
  • My Son's Baptism: A Jewish Mom's Struggle

    By Emily Cappo

    A personal narrative from a Jewish woman raising her child with knowledge of both Judaism and Christianity yet in neither religion, describes her anxieties over her son’s baptism.

    Date: 12-06-2006
  • Helping Couples Cope with the Bris/Baptism Question

    By Roberta Calderone

    A professional view urging interfaith couples to pick a bris or baptism, and to realize that not having a baptism doesn’t mean the child is disconnected from the non-Jewish parent.

    Date: 06-21-2006
  • Real Realism on Intermarriage

    By Jack Wertheimer

    Reprinted news article by Jack Wertheimer and Steven Bayme promoting in-marriage and suggesting that "two positive goals stand in tension:  inclusiveness and intensive Jewish content." The authors recommend focusing on Jewish cont

    Date: 11-21-2006
  • Reliving the Experience of My First Wake

    By David Horowitz

    Personal narrative in which an intermarried man recalls his first wake and how it differed from the Jewish customs he was accustomed to.

    Date: 07-18-2006
  • I Do! A Jewish Premarital Counseling Program

    By S. Courtney Nathan

    Professional view article from a program developer about I Do, a Jewish Family Services premarital class devised to help interfaith couples prepare their relationship and themselves spiritually, emotionally, and logistical

    Date: 11-14-2006
  • Learning from Experience: Real Life with Extended Interfaith Families

    By Amy Elkes

    Personal narrative about a Jewish woman’s frustration with her boyfriend’s family’s ignorance about all things Jewish, but her appreciation of their willingness to learn.

    Date: 11-09-2006
  • "On the Scene": "The O.C."

    By Michael Elkin

    Review of The O.C., television’s hottest teen drama with a lead interfaith family.

    Date: 02-13-2007

Showing 131 to 140 of 750