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  • Birth of A Jewish Matriarch

    By Keren R. McGinity

    An excerpt from a multi-generational study of Jewish women who intermarried in the United States.

    Date: 03-13-2009
  • Marriage and Other Hazards of Interfaith Dating

    By Susan Elliott Blashka

    I was willing to put my faith in my partner and in myself, believing that through love, respect, and compromise we could make a life together.

    Date: 11-14-2008
  • Because Their Children Are Jewish

    By Dr. Jennifer Thompson

    A researcher discusses her research on intermarriage and non-Jewish women who raise Jewish children.

    Date: 07-14-2010
  • A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

    By Ken Hall

    Small delicious things create Jewish identity, and this non-Jewish husband doesn't want to lose any of them.

    Date: 10-20-2008
  • A Spiritual Home

    By Cynthia Schwan

    An ex-Baptist and her husband each found different spiritual paths while raising their Jewish daughters.

    Date: 08-18-2008
  • What Is a Jewish Word?

    By Ellen Scolnic

    A book on Jewish language turns into a great tool to welcome non-Jewish friends and family members into the community.

    Date: 11-13-2009
  • Life is More Complex than Art

    By Jeffrey Grover

    Writing and acting in a play about interfaith marriage prompted this actor to reflect on his recent divorce.

    Date: 04-11-2008
  • Standing on Chairs: My Journey as a Hebrew School Teacher

    By Morissa S. Fregeau

    I learned, first from my husband and later as a Hebrew school teacher to have patience with questions and tolerance when the answers provoked more questions.

    Date: 09-21-2009
  • Bar Mitzvah In An Interfaith Marriage

    By David Hoberman

    His wife, who was raised Catholic, isn't particularly interested in religion, but she loves him so she supported his exploration of Judaism.

    Date: 06-22-2009
  • A Delicious Interfaith Wedding

    By Aaron Kagan

    If the engagement was a catalyst for conflict, which it was, the wedding was the resolution. All of the issues raised by announcing our intention to wed had either been worked out by the big day or resolved themselves before our very eyes during the reception.

    Date: 01-08-2010

Showing 541 to 550 of 750