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  • Mazel Tov and Mubarak: Our Three-Day Jewish-Sikh Wedding

    By Erica Ravin-Anand

    Communication and compromise are what made our Jewish-Sikh wedding the best weekend of our life.

    Date: 08-04-2011
  • The Welcoming Community We Created

    By Rachel Baruch Yackley

    We created a Jewish community that is welcoming and inclusive of all, and have tips on how you can too.

    Date: 11-27-2011
  • A Jew and a Catholic Walk Into an Islam Class...

    By Alexis Gewertz

    A personal account of how two partners, both of whom are committed to their own religions, benefited from a course on dialogue and communication for interdating/intermarried couples.

    Date: 01-12-2012
  • Choosing an Interfaith Ketubah

    In order to make the process of choosing an interfaith ketubah easier for you, describes five different trends of interfaith ketubot and offers links to websites where they can be found.

    Date: 03-07-2012
  • Review of In the King's Arms

    By Stephanie Carey Maron

    Review of In the King's Arms, a novel by Sonia Taitz.

    Date: 11-16-2011
  • The Venn Diagram of Backgrounds

    By Heather Subba

    Attending the baby shower of her sister-in-law helped the Heather understand the boundaries and exclusions created when different cultures and backgrounds meet.

    Date: 07-16-2012
  • Marriage and Relationships: Recommended Reading

    Our most frequently recommended books for interfaith couples.

    Date: 07-17-2012
  • Welcoming Esther: a Simchat Bat

    By Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy

    How one family created a ceremony to welcome their baby daughter into the Jewish community.

    Date: 09-28-2012
  • I Am My Interfaith Family

    By Carla Naumburg

    My husband is Jewish. I am Jewish. We are raising our daughters in a Jewish home, and we belong to a synagogue. Yet we are an interfaith family.

    Date: 10-22-2012
  • Parenting and the Joy for Jewish

    By Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy

    An intermarried couple's parenting philosophy, when it comes to religion and finding one's own identity.

    Date: 11-07-2012

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