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  • Supporting Our Partners: Shifting Perceptions of Raising Jewish Kids

    By Edie Mueller

    When my husband read an early draft of this essay, he asked, ''Why doesn't her partner have to support our daughter? After all, they agreed to raise children as Jews.'' What does it mean to raise a Jewish child?

    Date: 05-17-2013
  • Conservative Conundrum

    By Meri Phillips

    Growing up in a Conservative Jewish family, with intermarried parents, Meri never felt like she fully fit in. Now she's trying to find a religious home for her own family, and is torn by the Conservative movement's attitudes toward intermarriage.

    Date: 04-23-2013
  • If the Book of Ruth Were Written Today

    By Rabbi Steven J. Lebow

    If the Book of Ruth, text customarily studied on Shavuot, were written with today's interfaith couples in mind...

    Date: 05-13-2013
  • Going Home Again

    By Heather Subba

    Though nervous her husband would be seen as 'different' or 'other' in a synagogue setting, finding a synagogue home community became important for one interfaith family.

    Date: 05-29-2013
  • We Should Acknowledge Their Sacrifice

    By Rabbi Erin Polansky

    At Christmastime, these righteous and generous partners in our midst are reminded of what they have given up. This year, let us acknowledge their contribution to strengthening our people. Let's remember to say thank you, not to take their involvement for granted.

    Date: 12-18-2012
  • How a Fight Brought Us Closer Together

    By Magin LaSov Gregg

    How a fight over a seemingly small thing brought a Jewish woman and her minister husband closer together.

    Date: 08-30-2013
  • A Quiet Home, a Kosher Home

    By Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy

    It sometimes feels like we spent that entire pre-marital year talking about religious practice and how far each of us was willing to go to help the other be spiritually fulfilled without violating our own spiritual and identity needs.

    Date: 10-02-2013
  • How Do I Tell Him I Want Bris?

    By The Jewish Daily Forward

    A Q&A reprinted from The Forward, about a woman's struggle to tell her husband she wants a bris for their son.

    Date: 04-28-2014
  • We Are Not Immune: Judaism & Alcoholism

    By TC Jewfolk

    Alcoholism happens in all different kinds of families, including Jewish and interfaith families.

    Date: 05-20-2014
  • What To Discuss Before the Wedding About Life After the Wedding: A Guide for Interfaith Couples

    By InterfaithFamily

    Much of the decisions involved in a wedding revolve around the ceremony, but InterFaithways has compiled a list of things that couples might want to discuss about their life after the wedding day before they get married.

    Date: 04-08-2012

Showing 631 to 640 of 750